This book, titled “The Building of the Church of Spirit and Light”, is dedicated to the discovery of the True Church of God; of a Religion and Faith that was taught by the True Israelite Messiah known as “Yeshua”.

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Two thousand years ago, one of the greatest events of all human history unfolded upon our planet; the birth and creation of an individual who would become known as the “Son of God”,
Over the course of fifty years, this person matured and grew in prophetic skill and power, as he was led by the Holy Spirit to become the ultimate “King of Spirits”. The revelations which he delivered, and by the miracles that he produced revealed the fact that the Living God of all Life has come to visit his creation, showing great mercy and compassion by helping mankind rise higher up the ladder of spiritual evolution and expansion.
The Messiah showed each of us, what our capabilities were!
That nestled deep within each of us was a power source of incalculable proportions, something which was known as the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Pagan Christianity, an organization that formed some three centuries after the advent, began teaching that we must honor, worship, and adore the Messiah as a “God”, who was to become our Savior simply by our belief in his existence, but this was never the message given by him to mankind!
The True Message of the Messiah was that each and everyone of us could walk in his footsteps to replicate the journey that he walked, and to become our own Messiah of Salvation and Hope through the Prophetic Power of the Manifest Holy Spirit.
This gift exists in each of us, but we do not know how to awaken it, because ‘Secular Religion’ made sure that the manuals and guidebooks of instruction were hidden from the sight of common mankind. In order to have control over you, they needed to make sure that you never discovered the “God” that lives within you…
Instead of becoming a part of the body of the “Woman Clothed in the Power of the Sun”, a church and faith bathed in the “Power of the Holy Spirit”, mankind was lead into the darkness to become an unwilling part of ‘Mystery Babylon’, a religion that has spread its blindness throughout the entire world.
But the veil of ‘Darkness’ has been pierced by the “Light of Truth”, and by the discovery of the “Instruction Manuals“ of the original primitive Essene Apostolic Christian Church of ancient Israel.
The True Teachings of the Messiah and his closest confidants are now brought to you, allowing each of you the opportunity, and ability to begin walking upon the path that the Messiah left for us.
Begin walking upon your own “Prophetic Journey of Life”, and begin building that True Church of Religion and Faith deep within your very soul…

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