Alexander Baghdanov

  • Dedicated Researcher of Ancient Religious History
  • Creator of the Spirit Life Network Project
  • Author of over 15 Enigmatic Books, Encompassing Spirituality, History, Archeology, and Philosophy
  • Renowned Spiritual Teacher and Prophetic Guide
  • Restored The Tradition of the Ancient Essene School of the Prophets
  • Creator of the “Living Books Series-Books”, a Substantial Collection of Ancient Scriptural Manuscripts
  • Assembled and Created the Modern Version of the Original Apostolic-Essene Bible, Known As “The Testament Of Joshua Ben Joseph, The Messiah”
  • The scriptural understandings, doctrinal interpretations, philosophic explanations, and the teachings of the Spirit Life Network represent the expressed belief’s and views of the Author, Alexander Baghdanov, and are not affiliated, nor do they characterize the official dogmatic principals and contexts of the Religion and Faith to which he belongs.