Creating Your Prophetic Journey In Life

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True Salvation comes “Only” after an individual is perfected in his Spiritual Development, and he truly becomes a master of his own destiny. For to attain perfection, is the act of manifesting the four Trinities of God.

1. Power, Love, and Wisdom;
2. Justice, Knowledge, and Purity;
3. Splendour, Compassion, and Holiness;
4. Truth, Goodness, and Beauty

These four Trinities basically describe the Inherent Characteristics of God, and if we claim to be his children, then those characteristics must be evident within us.

Further, in our personal Journey of Salvation, we must become perfected in all aspects of Life, we must understand the necessary stages of development, each rank has its given necessities of obligations and responsibilities:

The Daughter, the Son,
The Bride, the Husband,
The Mother, the Father,
To those above us, we automatically assume the female characteristics of submission and obedience; we must understand how to receive properly. To those below us, we automatically assume the Male Characteristics of Leadership and Authority; we must understand how to give properly.

A perfected person, is both a Receiver of Life, and a Giver of Life.

Christ Makes the statement, “I and Maria are One”, as a “Husband and a Wife” just as He and the Church are One. But he goes on further to explain, that the Church is His “Mother”, she gave “Birth unto Him”, and has been giving Birth unto him from the beginning of Time. And that the Church is his Daughter, perpetually being Born of Him.

These three aspects of the Church, are a never ending cycle, which must be portrayed within any and every church that Claims Christ to be the Messiah. The Church is both the Mother, the Wife, and the Daughter, primarily distinguishing the various levels of your personal level of spirituality.

The Father, the Husband, and the Son, represent the various levels of Spiritual Work, fulfilled and accomplished, through the aspects of the Prophetic Gifts. Traditionally, Christ the Messiah is the Individual that is Characterized as the Role Model, the Ultimate Husband of the Church, and the Father of all New Prophets. But again, as any True Father’s desire for his Living Sons, is that they follow in his footsteps, and become replicate copies of himself; that they also become Creators and Builders, of their own worlds, and homes, and families, and primarily, new Prophets.

This is the “Calling”, unto which we are all being invited; it is the Marriage Supper, and the Bridal Chamber, in which the Consummation of the Marriage is fulfilled. We must allow Christ to infuse our Bodies with his Life Giving Seed, through the Power of the Holy Spirit, and we must Love that Seed within us. We must be giving our fullest Mental and Bodily Energy unto the Creation being developed within our Wombs; our Complete Mind, our fullest Attention, all our Blessings, and our Spiritual Soul Food, so that this Embryo would develop fully, and properly.

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