Become A Co-Creator In The Great Household Of Life

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Within this book, we are going to study the very foundation to the, “Secrets of the Realm of Paradise”. This is a place here on earth, but it begins within the spiritual mind.

As you explore these secrets, you could begin to apply them unto your life; and as these secrets become a part of your life, you will begin to grow and to develop in these spiritual realms of God, and you will become an architect of your destiny.

It is imperative that you understand this very simple and yet very important element of your life; before you could even begin building your Physical Utopia, you must first build your Mental Frame of Mind. This is your foundation, not only of the visible and seen, but most profoundly of the invisible and unseen; such as concerns your prophetic spirituality and the status and condition of your soul. It is all bound into one.

All humans are spiritual, and all humans have the capability to develop their spirituality, and to attain great heights into the Realms of God. Even if you are not aware of your spirituality, or even if you have no control of your spirituality, you still inadvertently emit spiritual energy; and consequently, produce prophetic activity.
This prophetic activity governs your destiny! And builds for you, the life that you will live…

It is true! We as humans have been created in the image of the Heavenly Gods, and with this, we become Co-Creators upon this earth, which includes all aspects of the Great Household of Life.

Our Messiah teaches us that the true Paradise begins within our bodies; it encompasses our personal physiological entities, and includes our biological health, mental faculties, and measure of spirituality.

Our hearts, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and understandings, play a vital role in defining our character, which of course builds and shapes our destiny in life.

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