The secret of Israel


A brief history of the apostolic church

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The Secret of Israel, explores the history of the ancient decedents of the True Church of God. Because of war within the nation of Israel the Church migrated into the land of Syria, now known as modern day Turkey. For nearly three hundred years the seven branches of the church enjoyed relative peace and calm, as they grew and multiplied.

In the year 325 AD. The Pagan Christian organization began to take root, and began a pogrom of solidification of all religions, faiths, and churches, into one universal conglomeration of belief. This process was to remove any ambiguity between the factions of Pagan Worshippers and early Christianity, in an effort to establish World Domination and Control.

All of the Pagan Cults accepted this diabolical plan of deception, and included the melding of the Gentile faction of Christianity. But the True Israelite Christians of the Primitive Church refused congress with this new entity; for this they were hunted, persecuted, tortured, and killed.

The surviving members of the seven branches of the Essene Church fled to countries and lands were freedom awaited, and the Faith was protected. Many of these refugees fled into the north-lands of Russia and Siberia, to join with the Essene Christian Churches that already existed there.

This is the history of those people who eventually became known as the Molokan Tribes of New Israel; true decedents of the original Apostolic Church of God.

Learn how these cultures survived the onslaught of Pagan Christianity, only to finally be broken and subjugated by the dark agents of the Russian Orthodox Religion. During this time of duress, many of the prominent Leaders and Elders of the church were either exiled or outright killed for their refusal to meld with the Orthodox Faith. The left over remnants were herded into cathedrals and chapels that began to dot the landscape of Russia.

Over the course of nearly four hundred years, the True Faith of the Apostolic Church all but became extinct within the Land of Russia, as the newly dominated serfs became re-indoctrinated into a new belief system of worship and service, dogma and doctrine.

But the Living God heard the prayers of his children, and with a newfound hope, a might returned to these ancient of peoples that began a spiritual revolution that spread to cover the land. With hands held high, a new song has begun to be voiced by these remnants of the Woman Clothed in the Sun.

So thus begins a Journey; an Exodus out of the clutches of Bondage, Darkness, and Despair. Will these Molokan Hopefuls discover their true roots? Will they Find the Path that leads back to their Mother-Land of Faith?

Will the True Faith finally emerge from the ashes of ruin? Can she finally shake off those chains that have held her in bondage for so many years? Only time will tell…

But the Journey of Self Discovery Begins Here!!!

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