The Secret Of Water And Fire

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Our physical bodies are comprise of five major elements:


These are both tangible and non-tangible compounds! Both seen and unseen…

Our physical bodies contains no less than eighty percent water, which is crystalline based and acts as the conductor of electromagnetic energy that pulsates and reverberates throughout our physiology. These can be observed and differentiate up to nine different phases and levels of our existence, this includes both our astral and celestial bodies and defines our entire molecular cosmology.

We begin from the soil of this earth!

But we belong to the Universe!

The Baptism’s are designed to transform our earthly vessels, into astral vessels by igniting the hidden compounds of our molecular structure. The average person is born into this existence containing a vast array of DNA Strands and Chromosomes; but unfortunately only about ten percent of this composition is active, and performs the basic function of giving us minimal life.

The other ninety percent of our DNA has been erroneously characterized as junk DNA, until recently. By conducting exclusive experiments on human subjects, it is now known that this massive amount of dormant DNA Structure is comprised of both our Spiritual DNA, and what is now referred to as our God DNA.

Our Primary Goal within this existence, is to awaken those DNA Strands into a stasis of activity, that literally lifts our physiology into a new dimension of substance: mind, spirit, soul, and body, that transcends the physical reality, and allows us to enter into the spiritual reality; that place were God lives.

The Baptism’s, which are delivered either as water, oil, or spirit energy upon our physical body, are those compounds, that when combined with the potent power of the Holy Spirit, through the laying on of hands, acts as a defibrillator that gives our entire body a jolt of energy, specifically targeting our DNA Structure.

This brings noticeable change to our human entity; we now become super-charged. We are Anointed, with the Holy Chrism, which simply means that new DNA is now alive and active within us. This opens many secret channels of communication that awaken our entire brain system, nervous system, and our electro-magnetic grid that surrounds our body.

Now we have received our Second Birth, and we have the ability to communicate both with our own soul, with the angelic beings that are inter-dimensional, as well as with our God.

We are no longer physical beings; we are now spiritual beings…

The book, “The Baptism” by Alexander Baghdanov, explores this amazing realm known as our body. It divulges those hidden secrets instituted into the procedure known as Baptism; and reveals the great potential that may be unleashed within each of us as we become transformed into the image of our Heavenly Father.

As children of God, we are commissioned to continue the work of promulgation; we are to bring the Truth to mankind that lives upon this world. But how do we know who is delivering this truth?

The Baptisms work in conjunction with the awakening of the Holy Spirit within man, and is the catalyst that creates Prophetic Activity. The Baptism should not be faked, and cannot be performed by those who have no life within them.
These Baptisms bare witness to these prophetic Gifts of God, and the Prophetic Gifts bring witness to the Baptisms; they are both Manifest as Spiritual Gifts given to us by God himself, and must be regarded as something unique, precious, and holy.

The True Baptism is both of Water and Fire; this procedure was created by God in the creation, or more properly put, the re-creation of man. Its design and function was to protect the Truth from the carnality of man, by elevating him into the level of god/man.

There is a specific, step-by-step procedure defined by our Lord, which we need to understand fully before attempting the act of Baptism; both as recipients and benefactor.

This is carefully outlined within this book, giving each reader explicit instruction, to help them make their transformation a living prophetic journey in life.

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