Ancient Prophecies Concerning
The Woman Clothed In The Sun

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This Book, known as the “Wisdom Of Perun”, is the very foundation of the True Molokan Faith and Religion, and is the ‘Guide-Post’ that will finally help them become truly free of the dark shadow of False Christianity; the Religion of ancient Babylon…
This is a “Must Read” book for every member of the Modern Day Molokan Person, who wants to know why the Molokan Religion even exists in the first place. With this knowledge they will truly realize the Great Blessing that they have received from God Himself, in being fortunate enough to be an integral part of this Religion and Faith…
With a new attitude and perspective, they can begin revitalizing this “Living Faith” within themselves, and begin nurturing the Culture of Vedic Molokanism so that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit will begin to Blossom and Flourish throughout its Nation of Holy People…

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