Defining The Inner – Circle The Holy Elders Of The Church

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The Beautiful Holy Church Of God, a place of refuge in a world of turbulence and uncertainty. The Church is the doorway into that place called Paradise; the Garden of Eden where grow all forms of healing plant life; and fruits that delight the senses.

The Guardians of this doorway are a special group of commissioned Elders and Eldressess, that have unified to create the front row, inner-circle, holy priesthood.

But we must not look at the priesthood of the Pagan Cults, such as are found within the Cultures of Orthodoxy, those religions that dominate the world societies through their false religions, faiths, doctrines, teachings, dogmas, philosophies, or formats of service and worship for our examples.

The True Lord and Messiah conveyed a completely different set of blueprints that set the design qualifications and specifications for his Holy Bride.

His holy priesthood are to be alive in the Power of the Holy Spirit; it is the Lord himself who shall rule over his creation, through the heart, mind, body, and soul of his Woman, the “Woman Clothed In The Sun”.

The Priesthood acts as the mouth-piece; the eyes and the ears; all of the physical and spiritual senses that relay the messages of the Lord to his church.

The book, “The True Church of God” reveals that set of blue-prints to all those who desire to become workers, teachers, ministers, and prophets of the, “Inner-Circle”, of the front-row male and female Eldership.

It sets the stage for all consecutive Baptisms, both of Water and Fire; and reveals the minimum requirements that must be met, in order to be qualified for that special commission in life.

This is truly an invaluable book, for it sets the guidelines and parameters of eldership. Every member and catechumen of the church deserves to know whether or not their Elders: ministers, teachers, preachers, pastors, prophets, and evangelists, have met Gods minimum requirements, before they step forth as his representatives of salvation and redemption.

The very guidelines that build and create the holy priesthood, become the very foundation unto salvation; ultimately, every member of the church must begin establishing their own personal prophetic journey of salvation; these are the guidepost that show the, “Way”.

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