Unlocking The Inner Power Of Your Soul

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The Living Prayer invites you to discover the importance of your inner-most thoughts and feelings as a constant prayer and petition before the Heavenly Father.

You are being summoned to realize your sacred channel of self-discovery. Each and everyday, you are fulfilling many aspects of your personal prophetic journey…

You are the living prayer offered up every moment of every day through the words that you speak, the actions that you take, the emotions that you feel, and the thoughts that you think.

The Living Prayer, is the petition spoken by your soul unto you; it reveals its concern over every aspect of your life, as it awaits your response unto its needs.

To become aware of the Secret Power of Prayer, is to realize that the greater emphasis is placed not upon the words that we speak with our lips, but upon the thoughts that are held within our mind. Our mind harbors thoughts that are based either on Love or on Fear; they contain Faith or are laced with Doubt.

Our prayer radiates from within us as an acceptable oblation, placed upon the very Altar of Life; or it is undermined by our own negative emotion.

Learn to be in charge of your Prophetic Power!

Radiate Love and Life from within your Mind…

Make the connection now!

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