In the Spirit of the Essene Community, I would like to welcome each of you who have visited this site, as a friend and member of God’s Family.

As you could tell by now, this website is about the unique Community which I call the Essene-Molokan Christian Faith, the original Progenitors of the True Faith and Religion of God.

The Essene Philosophy is, that Faith must be an action…

We put into motion what we believe…

The Foundation of Essene Cosmology and Theosophy is based upon healing the wounds and injuries of mankind, beginning with the frailties of our flesh, our carnal physical being, and then expanding into the deeper recesses of our soul and spirit.

The communities of the Essene have functioned as if micro-countries in of themselves, in essence, they were a nation with their own form of government: with laws, rules, and regulations.

These laws revolved upon all that was good and beneficial to mankind:

True Peace
True Love
True Dedication
True Hope
Perfect Health
Abundance and Prosperity
Freedom from Slavery of any form
Perfect Harmony with Nature and the Environment
Perfect Harmony with Mankind
Perfect Harmony with the Heavenly Father
Organic Farming
Faith and True Religion
The Fulfillment of the Perfect Holy Laws of Life and Creation
Hope and Salvation
True and Perfect Pacifism
Being Masters in the Gifts of Prophetic Action

These Laws governed their communities and micro-countries from within. All men were created equal, and all were to share in the Wealth and Abundance of Life.

We are familiar with the modern-day forms of Capitalism, Socialism and Communism who also preach a form of equality of life, but unlike Eseene Cosmology, these impostors work hard to make mankind equal through the vices of poverty and in lack, by subjugating humanity into a form of “virtual-slavery”.

As long as people are desperate, the wheels of fortune are oiled upon the sweat and toil of the masses, for the few elite.

Poverty is necessary, so that there could be wealth…
War is necessary so that there could be wealth…
Hunger is necessary so that there could be wealth…
Crime and violence is necessary so that there could be wealth…
Illness, sickness and disease are necessary so that there could be wealth…
Chaos, unrest, and instability are necessary so that there could be wealth…
Raping and plundering the environment is necessary so that there could be wealth…

A desperate humanity provides a willing population ready to fulfill any and all wishes of the elite rich, both as worker slaves, and as soldiers of the republic.

Even though billions of people claim Faith, Loyalty, and Dedication to the Heavenly Gods, it would appear that the forces of evil are the guiding force behind all modern-day governmental regimes, who have done very little to create a Realm of Paradise upon our planet; and remember, all religious organizations are a micro-country in themselves, equal too, if not more powerful than any political dynasty of man.

Until people truly learn to live in a realm of True Love of Life and Creation, mankind will continue to endure the consequences of bad government, ignorant laws, violence, and suffering, caused by man’s wanton disregard of perfect spiritual living.

The beautiful thing is this; we do not need to suffer along with the rest of humanity.

We are free to create our own laws, and to be governed by those laws.

How? Because our laws are spiritual and much more purer than the gross laws of carnal man! In a sense, our laws do not conflict with the laws of the world governments, because they take us into the higher realms of the Living God, which are protected by the very Power of the Holy Spirit, which of course creates a shield of protection: a covering if you will.

The Laws of God are summed simply as the Laws of Love!

The Laws of Creation and Life!

We as Spiritual Christians have an obligation to exercise the rules of those laws.

What are those rules?

They are the rules of Abundance and Prosperity!

Perfect Health, Wealth, Love, and Life!

My wife and I thought long and hard concerning this topic.

How can we give something back to the Community of Friends that we are building, a Community whose network is stretching across the globe?

In the Spirit of the Essene Community, we must be willing to give and to share.

We have discovered a means by which we could help our friends share in abundant wealth and prosperity, without any difficulties or risk whatsoever.

Unity through the Power of Community, yields many blessings, and opens the door to resources that are simply mind-boggling.

Lets take a look at the Christian Systems as they operate today!

Many hundreds of families join a community church, and with this comes a form of love on a communal level; friends help and support each other, and this becomes a brotherhood.

Babies are born…

Children are raised…

People are married…

People pass-away…

The emotional needs of man are cared for and nurtured by the community as a whole.

If problems arise, and they do, the community donates time, effort, love, support, prayers, and money to help those individuals cope and heal.

During happy occasions, we rejoice together.

In sorrowful times, we grieve together, thereby helping each other carry those difficult burdens of life and living.

But when its all said and done, the church does very little to ensure our prosperity.

It offers prayer and emotional support, in exchange for our financial support through church dues, tithes, and donations. We give our physical wealth to the church in exchange for emotional support.

Not a bad plan in itself, but if you were to discern it correctly, far from perfect.

The ancient Essene Christian Communities took living to a much higher level of life; all were equal in wealth and prosperity.

The benefits of this community living exceeds any that any world organization, institution, or religious system could ever offer today.

This forces us to ask a very important question!

Are there any means of fulfilling this perfected communal form of living today?

The answer is an amazing Yes!!!

The approach has to be different, because we no longer have the ability to live in the wilderness as the members of the Essene Communities did so many years ago; isolated from cities, in wilderness retreats scattered across the deserts and mountain regions of the world.

Today! There is another form of wilderness! The Wilderness of Man!!!

Imagine for a moment, thousands of individuals scattered to the four corners of the world, each living in a different city or even country, uniting together for the purpose of fellowship, support, comfort, guidance, spirituality, faith, worship, and instruction, but equally important, good health, wealth, and prosperity.

Unfortunately, most religious institutions have the enigmatic projection of a man standing on a street corner with a tin cup waiting for a hand-out; be it food or money.

Here we offer the reverse!

We want you to earn money!!!

After careful research and examination of many wealth-building programs, we chose one because of its simplicity, efficiency, rewards, and benefits that we felt could not be duplicated else ware.

I am a firm advocate of True Freedom!

I consider an eight-hour workday, for a paltry wage, a form of slavery. On the other hand, owning and operating a small business is a virtual prison, which demands so much time, commitment, and effort. None of us have the financial resources to make our money work for us, as do big bankers and investors; so what are the options?

We searched for a plan that was very simple, and virtually requires so little from you its member.

We wanted a system that pays you an income for simply being alive.

Imagine making a substantial income, each and every month, just because you, like everyone else in the world, needs to live.

This is not a scam!

This is not a Pyramid!

This is not a Job or a new Career!

This is simply an income generated from living life to its fullest!

This program is beautiful, and absolutely perfect for every human-being in the world, because your investment is simply in yourself.

A well Respected Company, which has been in business for over fifty years offers a partnership program, whereby all private people are allowed to purchase every-day life, living products from their firm at a 30% discount from full retail value.

This in itself is a better program that any other retail store or outlet in the world.How does the program work?

Direct marketing!!!

Let’s take a look at the majority of retail sales and business stores. Today they are virtually all membership stores, in which you get a credit-card size ID card, which entitles you to a certain percent discount; anywhere from 3% to 10% off full retail price. In many cases, they may even provide a rewards program, from which you are permitted to receive a portion of your expenditures, usually at best, a few hundred dollars per year.

Our Company offers a much better system:

The beginning income generated per month starts at a few hundred dollars per month, and then propels upwards into many, many thousands.

When we ourselves joined this organization, we had the opportunity to speak with many very successful individuals whose incomes were from $150,000.00 to over 1,000,000.00 per year. Absolutely Astounding!!!

The Company provides many thousands of products, many of which are exclusive, that we all utilize each and everyday.

Lets face it, we are all consumers of goods and products:

Traditional and Organic Foods
Health Products
Nutrition and Vitamins
Personal Hygiene
Beauty and Cosmetic
Organic Cleaning Supplies
Cookware and Cooking Products
Pet Care and Nutrition
Communication Products and Services
Transportation Products and Services
Travel and Vacation

The list goes on and on…

The company provides all of these products through direct marketing, which means that every purchase takes place from your personal web-site and online catalog.

By eliminating the expensive costs of distribution, advertizing, transportation, marketing, and sales, which are unavoidable by selling through traditional markets, the company provides up to 37% of its gross sales back to its members, as incomes and reward bonuses.

The more people who are signed up below you, the more income will be generated for you.

But this is just the beginning!!!

We have yet to get to the best part…

To make this system easier than anyone could even comprehend, we will take it upon ourselves to provide the Matrix for you, our friends.

What this means, is that you yourselves need not run around the countryside trying to get people to sign up, as all other traditional members are required to do.

There is great Power in Unity through Community!!!

Our online Community, can be a part of this unique, one of a kind chance, to make a substantial income, simply from purchasing products from what is deemed, “Your Own Store”. Simply buy products that you use each and everyday from “your own store”, and you will receive the phenomenal rewards of a big time investor.

Our Goal and Purpose in Life is to help our friends and families attain a perfected state of being upon this planet, all under the Blessing, Anointing, Guidance, and Wisdom of our Heavenly Father. We bring this into fruition, by bringing you the True Gospel of our True Messiah Yeshua (Joshua) Ben Joseph of Israel, offered through the avenue of a New Way of Life.

But I truly feel that the Gospel of Salvation begins with our physical life.

We must first be saved in the flesh as it were.

Unfortunately! The vast majority of religious dogma and philosophy provided by organized religious institutions offer Paradise in a Heavenly Realm after our departure from this earth.

My Messiah offers Paradise on this earth while we are still alive…

We can build our world for ourselves, because we are Creators, created in the Image of the Creator God. All it takes is a little bit of Faith, Dedication, Effort, and Communal Support, blended with spiritual and prophetic action of the Holy Spirit.

If you would like to learn more, or are ready to join our “Wealth Building Community”, click the link below and you will be taken to our Community Wealth Builder Web-Site.


Joining is simple and easy, but I do want you to understand the program in its entirety, so that you could receive the fullest benefits, rewards and blessing that are available to you. Take a few moments, visit this web-site, and read the articles and booklets provided for you.

Thank you, and May God Bless you…

Alexander and Lubov Baghdanov