Understanding The Secret Laws of The Universe

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The Lord gave explicit instruction that the Holy Law must be preserved; the Law is the foundation of all Life…
He did not come to change the Law, but to fulfill it, down to the point of every dot, and title.

But which Law do we adhere too?
Is it the Law of Adam?
The Law given to Noah?
The Laws of Enoch, or Abraham?
Or is it the Law given to Moses?
Is it the Levitical Law of the Old Testament?
Or is it the Ten Commandments that we must diligently pursue?

In all actuality! It is none of these laws, for these are all physical laws of judgment and condemnation; of subjugation, poverty, weakness, darkness, and death…
They are all laws of the flesh!

The Lord came to fulfill the Laws of Creation and Life; the Laws of Love; and to reveal the very building blocks of everything that exists within this physical earthly realm, and the invisible celestial realms of heaven. These are the Universal Laws that can never be altered or changed; they cannot be added too, and nothing can be deleted.

The Laws of God are Constant; they have always been, and will always be. All mankind that has ever been formed from the dust of this earth, automatically falls under the jurisdiction of their binding rules.

They can generate two complete opposites; negative or positive energy!

They hold the secret keys to all Life:
To Wealth, and or Poverty…
To Peace, and or War…
To Health, and or Sickness…
To Freedom, and or Bondage…
To Abundance, and or Deficiency…
To Light, and or Darkness…
To Love, and or Fear…
To Salvation, and or Oppression, etc…

What is Above is also what is Below;
What is Within, is also Without.

The Law is Spiritual and must be understood with the spiritual mind. The Universal Law is bound to our inner-man; our very soul.

Our Thoughts, Emotions, Feelings, and Understandings, control our Destiny, and dictate our very physiological existence.

The Laws of God are bound to the unified field of Quantum Physics, and Quantum Mechanics; and reveal the intricate threads that connect all matter to each other, and to our Living Creator.

The book, “The Holy Laws of Creation and Life”, is a must read book, for it brings to light those complex details of each individual Law, and of its jurisdiction upon man’s existence.

If you understand these laws, and adhere to them, the very Blessings of God pour out upon you, to help guide you in every facet of your life; making life pleasant, peaceful, calm, full of abundance and prosperity. Ensuring a life of tranquility, protection, perfect health, and long-life.

These are the very Laws of Salvation!

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