Adorning the bride of Christ




If we were to make a detailed assessment of Gods’ Creation, we would soon realize that one particular element stands far and above everything that exists within this three dimensional realm.

This is the entity known as Woman!

Woman is the Living Embodiment of the Invisible Creator God; literally a mirror image of his Majesty and Grandeur; a creator and giver of life. With an immeasurable dedicated love, she nurtures the very body and soul of her offspring, with a tenderness that is wholly unique to her gender.

It is no wonder that the Lord created his Holy Church upon her foundation, a platform based on self-sacrifice, commitment, love, and compassion. A Living Womb, within which are created the future progenitors of Life; living prophets, and spiritual workers that transcend the margins of delineation allowing man the possibility to enter into the invisible celestial realms of the Heavens.

From her breast flows the Living Word of God, voiced through the messenger that harbors the precious gift of the Holy Spirit; a message of hope, of life, of salvation…

The Miracle of Womanhood begins within her heart and soul; it reflects the power and energy, which glows from her like the bright shining rays of the sun, illuminating the mind of the seeker of truth; the soul on its prophetic journey of life.

The Secret Of Beautiful Womanhood lies buried deep within her; a synchronicity of thought, emotion, and feelings! Compounded with her own unique biological juices, coming from her secret spirit-womb, that radiates into the atmosphere as telekinetic energy, she virtually effects transformational prophetic movement within all fortunate to come into close proximity of her.

The Physical Woman stands as an Allegorical and Parabolic reflection of Gods Holy City; that place deep within each of us. The responsibilities that lay upon her commission in existence are staggering and immense; her very presence commands respect and adoration.

All men and women who hold the office and position as God’s worker; either as prophet, minister, teacher and evangelist, must learn to recognize the true value of Female Physiology, in order to understand The Living Prayer that connects her to her Heavenly Lover; our Lord.

This must be replicated within your own entity, and must be present in your service to the flock.

The Secret Of Beautiful Womanhood teaches each of us the necessary steps that must be followed; for ultimately, they will lead us into the Bridal Chamber of Consummation. But before we receive our invitation, we must be adorned with the Beauty befitting the Bride awaiting her Husband to be.

Check your wardrobe carefully, and Dress Well!!!

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