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The Molokan Report is a small booklet that acts as the catalyst to the entire Spirit Life Network revealing a synopsis of the project itself.
It acts as the introduction to the work involved, in both research and investigative study of the original Primitive Apostolic Church of Israel; its history and philosophic teachings regarding the Salvation Process and in its relationship to the Molokan Nation of today.
The Spirit-Life-Network encompasses several aspects of study:
• Firstly, is in the examination of ancient scriptural writings of the original progenitors of the True Faith, brought to you through the books of, “The Testament Of Joshua Ben Joseph”
• Secondly, it is through the study of the historical observations, and the translation of dogmatic principals as written and understood by the author himself, revealed through the numerous books that he wrote on the various topics and subjects of religion and faith.
• Thirdly, through prophetic revelations and spiritual inspiration as given by the Holy Spirit itself.
The Molokan Report is the First Page of the Spirit Life Networks’ Goal of bringing Truth, Knowledge, Education, and Edification to anyone who desires to build and create a “Prophetic Journey Of Life” for themselves.

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