Biblical Prophecies of The King Of Spirits  Maxim Gavrilovitch Rudametkin

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Over the course of thousands of years, the ancient prophets heralded the secret oracles of God to their fellow brethren, scattered across the wilderness of mankind.

Two very prominent messages had a recurring theme that virtually every major prophet partook off, as the baton was handed down generation to generation.

The One brought focus and insight to the Advent of the True Messiah, who would come to lead man upon a prophetic journey of salvation; piercing the veil of separation, that blinded the eyes of humanity from the true light of God.
The other revealed the special work to be accomplished by an individual who would become known as the Paraclete; the Angel of the Holy Spirit, and the King of Spirits.

Unfortunately, through the acts of deception and scriptural manipulation, the vast majority of these prophecies have either been distorted beyond recognition, or have been eliminated from the book known as the Bible.

The Lord Messiah dedicated his work to the creation of his beautiful bride, the Holy Church of the Essene Apostles. A Church adorned with the Manifest Gifts of the Holy Spirit through which man became healed and resurrected within his soul. The Church was created in the image of a Woman, replicating her love, heart, and soul.

Her work carried the nurturing spirit (female spirituality), as a mother hen, watching over her flock. But watching over her was the ever-guiding Man-Child level of the Holy Spirit, which stood as the living manifest face of the Messiah, the Son of God.

No sooner was he to complete his destiny, than the Church came under attack; first from the Gentile Pagan Priesthood, and then from a distorted version of Christianity instituted by the Gentile Pagan Church of Rome/Greece (false Christianity).

Prophecy and Revelation predicted this era known as the Dark Ages, when the False Church would hold dominion and control of vast territories, from king to pauper. During this era, mankind was brought down lower than the brute beast, to live in poverty and destitution, in ignorance and disbelief. Lost were the Holy and precious Gifts of the Holy Spirit, trodden down into oblivion by the feet of carnal-men (as if unclean animals) that ruled their lives through superstition and fear, violence and debauchery.

These same oracles brought a vision of relief, which came through the Protestant Revolution, guaranteeing mankind the freedom from bondage; granting human rights, the right for an education, to own property, to attain wealth, but most importantly, the freedom of speech, and of religion.

With this freedom came an onslaught of secular division, as multitudes of sects began forming, each with its own understanding and view of salvation, and faith.

There was only one problem! The Holy Spirit could not be resurrected within those church bodies, which functioned simply by the will of earthly man, through the carnality of his flesh. Good people, with good intentions, but unfortunately, as blind as any unbeliever.

The Lord knew this time would come!

And he made a promise to deliver man from his dilemma…

In the early eighteen hundreds, high in the Caucus Mountains of Armenia, from a small village of Molokan heritage, this promise was fulfilled. Through an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, the Manifest Gifts were resurrected within the Holy Church. Shortly afterwards, The Man-Child Level of the Holy Spirit descended upon an individual known as Maxim Gavrilovitch Rudametkin, and the marriage bond between the Lord God was reestablished with his beautiful Bride.

The Cup of Fire investigates those ancient prophecies as given by the original prophets of old, primarily from the manuscripts collected within the book known as the Testament of Joshua Ben Joseph, where they have been preserved from the redactors knife.

This book also contains very significant revelations that have been given to a young prophet of our modern day and era, which bring too light the need to investigate further, the importance of those ancient prophecies concerning the King of Spirits and his relationship with the Holy Church today.

The promises given by the Lord have yet to attain maturity and complete fruition, due to the fact, that so much misinformation exists within the accepted religious infrastructures, dogmas, teachings, and doctrines.

With the completion of this very important library of books found within this website, we will be able to research the very foundation of the original Apostolic Church, as established by Christ and his Holy Messengers of Faith. Hopefully! These literary works could aid you in the discovery of your prophetic journey in life…

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