A Collection of Essays And Articles To Help Build
Your Prophetic Journey Of Life

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Every project and organization has a beginning! This is known as its Genesis…
The Spirit Life Network represents the continued work set forth by the ancient progenitors, prophets, and leaders of the “Molokan Faith”. It works as a stepping-stone in the ever, ongoing process of growth, expansion, development, and evolution within its religious ideology, but more importantly within the prophetic realms of the manifest Holy Spirit.

The Spirit Life Network is dedicated to bringing new light into the process of human Salvation, and reveals the long lost, and forgotten foundation of the True Faith and Church of God; providing the missing blue-prints of the Genuine “Woman Clothed In The Sun”.
Discover for yourself the lost Truth’s as they were originally given by Gods Holy Avatars of Faith, which are needed in order to begin building and creating your personal prophetic journey of life …

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