The Enigma Of Truth

truth1It is a known fact that Truth is a perception!

An ambiguous philosophical ideal, which can only be formulated within each individual privately, based upon one’s sequestered translation, understanding, level of discernment, and conceptual interpretation…

Anything can be a truth! As long as one believes hard enough!!!

If more than one believes in the same truth! Then this truth, is for sure, “A Message From The Living God Of Heaven And Earth”!

How can it not be? It is of course, “The Truth”!

“This is what my Faith is telling me anyways”…

Even though one’s rendition of truth clashes with the truths of other cultures and religious premises, I know that my truth is the truth, because I read it in my Religious Text Book. And Of Course! My Religious Text Book is the Truth!

Although I know with all my heart that the Religious Text Books of all other Faith’s and Religions are False!!! I know that they’re false, because their Message of Salvation clearly contradicts that of my personal Religious Text Book, and the Message of Salvation that is recorded within its pages…

It is a Fact! That the Founding Fathers of “My Religion”, wrote the Truth, because they explicitly stated that Fact, as they wrote their personal views and understandings. “Everything” was Based on the “Truth”, so help me God, of course…

“What I’m trying to convey is”!

They themselves “Said So”, right here in my Religious Text Book…


Yes! Truth is truly an Enigma!!!

A Paradox of magnanimous proportions…

Billions of people in our world today have a Religious Foundation of one sort or another, based upon ancient writings: of prophets, sages, magi’s, kings, avatar’s, and a multitude of god’s.

Each teach an avenue of approachment to the god’s…

They explain the methods and special secret tactics, to make the god’s pleased with us on a personal level. And to make our services and sacrifices unto them, acceptable and favored above those of our competitors!

When our personal god is pleased with us, special favors and blessing shall be showered down upon us from above…

And then of course! At the end of our servitude unto our special god, we receive harps to play eternal music, as we sing and dance in our personal heavenly paradise, eating grapes; or loving our virgins, or who knows what else the many gods can bestow upon us in reward to our exemplary subordination?

This is the Truth! I read it in my Religious Text Book, that was written by “who knows who”, many thousands of years ago, by people claiming Divine Inspiration of some sort or another…


I personally believe that True Truth cannot exist in its total entirety…

In spite of the fact that there are over seven billion people alive on our planet today, no two people are exactly alike. There are always variances, and differences, through physiology, genetic signatures, spiritual development, as well as in the mental aptitude. No two individuals can think, or act the same; no two can believe or understand the same…

Mankind is an extremely unique and opaque creature! Our values and concepts of good and evil are unequivocally diverse, each based upon a myriad of sources, stemming from cultural conditioning, levels of intellect, education, ethic background, cultural legacies and foundations, etc…

Even within a common Religion, Culture, or Society, there is no carbon copy of human traits…

Thusly! There can never be complete, True Truth.

There can only be the perception of Truth!

And this of course opens the door to contradiction, disputation, incongruity, and even volatile hostilities.

Religion is a Paradox, captured within the quagmire of human emotion, self-consciousness, and internal conflict!

Every individual in the world at one time or another has specifically expressed the belief that they alone know the truth of a given matter; and that their understanding is indisputable.

But as the years progress; they mature, grow wiser, gain more knowledge, perceive a larger picture, learn more facts, broaden their horizon, listen to other views, suggestions, and advice; become more passive and relaxed, evolve spiritually; and all of a sudden, their original truth is no longer accepted even by themselves; for they have now formulated a new opinion of the matter in question…


By Faith (and Religion)! I am a Molokan!!!

(And of course! I am exceedingly Proud in this matter)

An extremely unique Conviction created by our ancestors during the Reformation Period in Central and South Russia.

There is no Religion on this Planet that even comes close in similarity to the Ceremonial Format, and the Prayer Services designed for each aspect of Life! From Birth, Adolescence, Young Adulthood, Marriage, Parenthood, The Mature and Elderly Adulthood, Death and Funerary, The biblical Holy Days, The biblical Laws, The Holy Spirit, Prophecy and Spiritual Revelation, Faith, Dogma, Doctrine, the Singing, the Blessings and Anointings, the Social Structure, and the Community as a whole…

A Truly One of a Kind Phenomenon!

It is something, which defies total logic, that a culture this exclusive and distinctive can evolve through the break-away process from the Russian Orthodox Religion and Church alone.

There must be a greater and broader foundation; that goes much farther and deeper into the very heart of ancient society; those that existed much earlier in time than that prevalent within the Pagan Christian Religions of Modern History.

And In Fact! This is the Truth…

But unfortunately! Because of lack of historical knowledge, the vast majority of Modern Day Molokans, simply see themselves as “Protestant Christians” and work attentively in the pursuit of learning all they can about the religious pomposity recorded within the Pagan Catholic Religious Text Book known as the “Bible”, believing as the Pagan Protestant Christians do, that this represents the “True Truth”, of a supposed, “True Religion”, and its “True Messiah”, an individual known as, “Jesus Christ” (Ious Zues Kris Stos)…

When the Molokan began their Exodus out of the Religion and Faith of the Russian Orthodox Church, it experienced fierce reprimand, in the form of persecution, harassment, torment, imprisonment, brutal torture, exile, the breaking of families, execution, etc…

During these excruciating times, the prominent thought on everyone’s mind, was simply survival! Staying Alive was the priority! Escaping Capture was imperative; for once caught and arrested; an individual faced a long and brutal prison term, from which few ever returned. And if they did, it was a thoroughly broken individual both physically and mentally…

Between the fifteen and eighteen hundreds, the very evolutionary years of Molokanism, no one had the possibility or opportunity to truly study Genuine Ancient History, and the unwritten Molokan Legacy of the Ancient Forefathers long ago buried upon the Steppes of Russia; those who lived long before the Greek Orthodox Church invaded the Motherland.

In Fact! The only historical books available to the common peasant at that time was the far and few between copies of the Pagan Orthodox Bible brought to Russia by the Greek Orthodox Church during the early centuries of the second millennia.

The “Molokan”, like all other members of every other religion in the world, also thump themselves of the chest in pride and honor! We too! Believe that our Religion is the “One and Only” accepted religion before the eyes of the Living God, and of course, we have the Pagan Catholic Bible to base this opinion upon!!!

Yes! We have spiritualized many of the stories that are recorded within the Bible’s pages; we have transliterated many of the allegorical and parabolic messages; we have even gone so far as to bend certain meanings to fit within the caricature of our own Dogmas and Doctrines; just as all others Pagan Christian Religions have done.

But is this “Act” truly appropriate, or acceptable?

Even though there are many references that can be applied to daily living as a whole, with parabolic messages that teach us to cope with the burden of life; the deeper Dogmatic, Religious Rhetoric, can only be described as misconstrued completely out of proportion with the Teachings of Faith, as documented by the Original Essene Christian Masters for their catechumens, long before any Pagan Roman Church ever formed.

And Yet! All of this has been but lost to the generations that have been, “supposedly”, worshipping God and his one and only “Holy Son”, based upon some sort of acceptable verity.

This is Mind Boggling to say the least!!!

It is tolerable and almost understandable that the Pagan Protestants that broke away from the Catholic and Orthodox Religions during the Reformation Era, have accepted the completely distorted view as Recorded for them in their private book called the “Bible”, by the redactors of truth. But it is completely unacceptable for those people, who call themselves the Children of Light, the Children of Truth, the Children of the Living God, the Children of the Living Prophets, the Woman Clothed In The Sun, to accept the corrupted teaching and doctrines of the Pagan Church of Rome!


In many cases, and by the vast majority of our naturalized Molokan People, the term “Molokan” is a source of great pride. It represent the many aspects of our ancient forefathers deep struggles against the organized Pagan Christian Church, and exemplifies the courage which was prevalent within those that carried the torch of religious freedom across the great land of Russia.

We continue to this day to honor the lives of those who stood fast upon the societal battlefield; those who sacrificed their physical bodies and their lives in pursuit of their dream of freedom from forced oppression, within the arena of religion.

But there are problems that remain!

And many questions that persist unanswered even unto today.

It would appear! That the struggle to remove the shackles of bondage have yet to be fully removed from the Molokan Faith, and as the ages ensue, the iron chains that have held our forefathers in bondage are still being dragged forwards by succeeding generations.

We are living in the illusion of religious freedom; but if one does diligent research, he will see through the smoke screen that paralyzes our view into “True Truth”.

The very term, “Molokan”, simply conveys the message that we as a Nation and a People, are Reformed Protestants.

The ancient’s, first infant steps of self-proclamation began within the simple tenets of Faith!

That partaking of war and violence was evil…
The eating of unclean foods was reprehensible…
The use of narcotics, and alcoholic intoxicants was unacceptable…
That dead and lifeless ritual was useless…
That the worship of icons, statues, crosses, and other religious relics were acts of godlessness…
That the papacy, and the organized priesthood were an image of the anti-Christ…
That the political and corrupted versions of Christianity where extension of Babylonian Harlotry…

These of course were the rudimentary tenets, upon which the Molokan Protestant began building their foundation as a Culture and Faith.

These basic philosophies can be exemplified as correct in their essence; they represent a good starting point, but in actuality, are very far from complete fruition in the merits that define a True Believer in the Living God of Heaven and Earth…

Upon very close observation, it is impossible to pull from the biblical scriptures alone any justification to the creation of our elaborate prayer ceremonies, our communal church formats, our legacies and our traditions!

It is obvious that these have come from outside sources!

But what are these sources?

It is important to note! That within the Pagan Christian Sects, whether they be Orthodox, Catholic, or Protestant, the Bible alone is the sole source of accepted Truth! If it is not in the Bible! Then it must be irrelevant, or false altogether.

This Biased opinion, which unfortunately so many of our modern Molokan members have adopted, has been the source of much heated conflict and animosity over the last few centuries, especially here in the United States.

But it is an imperative fact, which each person must be aware of! That the vast majority of our Cultural Heritage, our Traditions, and Legacies do not derive from within Biblical Doctrine, or Teaching; they come from the very “Ancient” past; from thousands of years ago…

What of our openness to prophetic activity, spirituality, revelation, and acts of the Holy Spirit, which our culture accepts unequivocally?

With this fact! New questions arise, which must be addressed!

These facts must be dealt with through diligent historical research, an open mind, and the desire to know “True Truth”…

We must free our suppressed minds from the mental shackles placed upon all catechumens who partake of False Pagan Christian Philosophies. And the obvious fact remains! That for many centuries, after our ancient forefathers were broken, and imprisoned within the Religion of Russian Orthodoxy, that a Great Dark Age fell upon our ancestors.

A Dark Age that has literally seared the human mind into total subservience, ignorance, and mental oblivion! It was illegal for the enemies of the state to receive an education; schools, libraries and seminaries were off limits.

Religious fundamentalism was conveyed to the common peon through the liturgies of the Orthodox Priesthood. All stood within the chapels like herds of cattle, as the official indoctrinators pointed out the finer points of the Orthodox Faith to the unlearned and ignorant.

It was in these dark and foreboding asylums, that the minds were warped and bent into submission, by the repetitive indoctrination of the agents of Paganism and False Christianity.

We cannot blame our forefathers for their submission into the Heresy of the Orthodox Faith! What choice did they have other than face certain torture and death for their refusal?

The Biggest Crime Was Not Committed By Those Who Succumbed Five Hundred Years Ago!!!

The Biggest Crime is Being Committed By Our People Today!!!

Those Who Have “No Excuse” For The Apostasy That They Are Committing On A Daily Basis In Spite Of The Government Sanctioned Freedom Of Religion Which We All Enjoy Today!!!

Of Course! The average Molokan Church Member would question the validity of my supposition! We have been indoctrinated from our birth to accept the Pagan Bible, as if it were the very Truth Of God, and questioning this hypothesis, would only receive the scrutiny of the church eldership, and one could face possible banishment from the ranks.

But I have questioned the validity of the opinion, which the Catholic/Orthodox Church Hierarchy holds, that the Bible is true and complete truth as validated by God himself! And that they the Catholics were exclusively and solely sanctioned by God Himself to be the One’s chosen for this Great and Glorious Responsibility; of the Acquisition and Accumulation of Original Literary material of the Early Apostolic Church. And of course! Authorized to Re-Write and Redact the information into a package deal suitable for the ignorant masses.

I am not one of the ignorant masses! Nor do I consider myself a Protestant of the Catholic/Orthodox religion!

I have accepted the challenge and the opportunity being offered unto us through the Freedom of Religion Act, to pursue the Right to Know The True Truth of this Strange Premise known as Christianity.

What is it? And were did it come from?
Who are the Authors, and Builders of its Foundation?
How did it evolve, and why did it morph into the Beast that it is today?
Where are the Original Writings of the Apostolic Scribes? Those who actually lived with and were taught by the Israelite Messiah Yeshua?
What is the True History of Ancient Russia and her various sects and tribes of people?
What are the True Histories and Legacies of those called Molokan’s today?
What was the Faith and Religious Premise of the Molokan predecessor, long before the Greek/Byzantium Culture and Religion invaded the land?

My research has taken me to Russia, Armenia, and Australia, as well as to numerous Orthodox/Catholic Cathedrals, Monasteries, and libraries within those countries and the US. I have read thousands of books, letters, and articles, and watched hundreds of documentaries related to man’s history, philosophy, spirituality, religion, anthropology, and archeology.

For me! This is a passionate work; it is never ending!

It is my understanding! That the Bible is not a historical accounting of the True God’s “Chosen People”, and a record of his ongoing relationship with them…

The “Bible”, is a Record of the inter-relationship of the Anunnaki/Annakim “Elohim” War Gods who are interplanetary space travelers that have resided upon our planet over the course of many hundreds of thousands of years into human chronology.

We have been falsely led to believe that the “Mythological Gods”, of Egypt, Babylon, Assyria, Rome, and Greece, were imaginary inventions of early man, and symbols of their attempt to grasp some meaning to the creation process and establishment of worship to these supposed Gods of this creation process.

The Truth is, that these were very human, physical beings; supper advanced, highly intelligent people that set themselves up as mankind’s leaders, kings, and gods, to be obeyed, served, and worshipped unequivocally.

The Old Testament Stories are just convoluted accounts of how these gods warred with each other for territorial rights, earthly resources, human slaves, and of their abuses instigated upon earth’s human populations.

We read in the Old Testament accounts of the great Patriarchs; men such as Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Esau, Joseph, Moses, Solomon, David; the numerous prophets, war generals, leaders, and priests who interacted with the gods on a personal level, and of course with the various angelic messengers that conveyed messages between the parties involved.

We automatically assume! And it must be clearly understood that this is only an assumption; that all of these relationships were with the One and Only, Living God of Heaven and Earth, the Creator of the Universe and all that exists within the physical, celestial, and spiritual realms.

And that these were highly spiritual prophetic individuals, deeply involved with prophetic activity on behalf of the Israelite nation. But the reality is, that these individuals were simply messengers and ambassadors representing the voice and will of carnal physical being pretending to be gods over the ignorant masses.

It must also be clearly understood, that the True Primordial Creator God is Simply the Universal Spirit, which does not exist in any physical body.

Yes! This God Exists…

But He has no name!

He has no form!

He has no ability to speak as a man!

It is impossible to interact with him within the physical plane…

It is impossible for him to interact with the leaders of nations like a physical man, giving commands, and demanding results…

He has no interest in the carnal affairs of humanity, or in their political or military conquest…

He would never in a million years command people to cause war, death, or destruction of any type.

He cannot judge man; and he cannot condemn or punish man for any reason.

This God can never condone human slavery; or accept the manmade offices of the official organized governmental depravities known as kings, priests, or governmental authorities of any type.

It is absolutely irrelevant to him how mankind lives or dies; these are all clearly choices left up to humanity to decide for themselves.

There are Universal Codes of Living, and There Are Laws that Govern all existence; but again! It is clearly your choice to fulfill those premises, or to go against them.

Yes! There are consequences for defying the Laws of Life. And Yes! There will be repercussions that follow those who defile themselves with godlessness and lawlessness; but these rules are ordained through the natural Universal Laws of Karma and Dharma…

God is the God of Life!

He Is The Creator of Life!

It is mankind that is the destroyer of Life, and this includes human life.

How convenient that we can Blame the Devil, and the Evil Spirits of someone known as Satan, but these are simply men that have gone off the deep end with mental and emotional instabilities.

The Gods of the Bible, and there are many of them, are simply men, that have been deified through carnal religious worship and subservience by the ignorant masses of mankind.

The Jews of Israel were forced into slavery by the Gods, and were required to maintain them and their families. The Physical Sacrifices, such as for livestock, alcoholic drink, food products, and fruits and vegetables, gold, natural resources, etc… were to feed these very obvious physical beings, who lived in the Palace Complexes, and in the Temples.

The Jews were not segregated out from humanity for this purpose; all established, civilized nations during these ancient days were required to do their part in sustaining the Anunnaki/Anakim War Gods.

The Biblical New Testament has its own set of problems; it is a plagiarized accounting of an individual know as Tammuz/Dimmuzi, or in our Modern Day translations, Dionysus/Jesus Christ (Son Of Zues); an Anunnaki God who lived six thousand years ago in Babylon; who represented the Birth, Death, and Rebirth of Life upon our planet, as well as for other planets within our galaxy.

The Stories of the Pagan Anunnaki Jesus Christ have been transposed over those of the actual Israelite Messiah, named Yeshua (Joshua) Ben Joseph, a highly spiritual avatar (prophet-leader) of the Essene Nation.

The Salvation Process as established and, taught by Yeshua, has all but been destroyed and corrupted beyond recognition by the High Priests of the Pagan Anunnaki Worshippers within the Roman Christian Church.

Long before they began accumulating the writings of the original Apostolic Church Elders, and Prophets, they spent several centuries hunting down and murdering all members of Yeshua’s Essene Christian Church, scattering the remnants to the far corners of the earth.

Many of these members made an Exodus into the Far northlands of Russia and Siberia to begin building True Apostolic Churches amongst the lost tribes of Israel, the Essenes, and the Ved-Rus Cultures that have lived in these lands for thousands of years.

The True accounts of history, have all been distorted and corrupted to fit the needs of the official state religion, with an obvious objective at hand; human population control and subjugation…

Do not even for a moment believe that anybody from the State-Run, Political Church has any concern over your personal Salvation! All they need is a mindless soldier-slave to fight their ridiculous wars for them, and worker-slaves to make them wealthy beyond imagination.

They will even sell you your Salvation for a huge profit, making sure that the Church Coffers flow with trillions of dollars annually.

And you actually thought that you were going to heaven for some reason; after all those faithful and dedicated years of selfless sacrifice to the church?

You need to wake up from your hypnotic state to see the obvious reality of your plight!

But of Course! There is the fact that you truly do have the Freedom to create your own Religion as you see fit! One that pleases you…

And it doesn’t even have to be based on any kind of truth, other than your perceived truth…

But if you truly are concerned with the elements of “True Salvation”! And would like to study the facts of the True Israelite Essene Messiah, known as Yeshua!

And! As in the case of us Russian Molokans living in the Diaspora to various nations abroad! To study and learn the True History, Culture, Legacy, and Foundation of your ancient Ancestry!

You have come to very good starting place for your research…

I cannot place enough emphasis upon the important magnitude of these combined books that represent a much purer version of the Word Of God!

“The Testament Of Joshua Ben Joseph

The Messiah”

Book I: The Old Testament

Book II: The New Testament

These Books are available to you the student of truth as Ebooks on this website.

I highly recommend reading each of the articles that are recorded on this Spirit-Life-Blog website, and to explore the many books that I have written, also available as Ebooks on this site. Besides the books currently available, I am in progress with four more, which should be available soon:

The Secret Gods Of Israel
The Building Of The Church Of Spirit And Light
The Essene Faith and Cosmology
The Secret-Babylon Rising

The most important journey that any individual could ever travel upon, is the personal, “Prophetic Journey Of Life”, that is already pre-ordained by the Living God Of Life for each of you…

We are here to help you prepare for that journey of Spirit and Life…


I understand completely!

That just because you read this article, or visited this web-site, that all of a sudden you are Reborn into a new Truth, and that great changes await you within your religious conviction and faith?

And if you are a Molokan reading this article, then all of a sudden great transformations are going to take place overnight within the Molokan Nation, Religion, and Culture…

These changes may take many centuries, and usually only transpire during times of great duress and suffering, as they did during the advent of Christ, or in the Christian Reformation Era.

My own understandings were not formulated over a single night! These articles, and books represent over forty-five years of ongoing continuous study; each topic and subject is approached from a multitude of facets and angles, and only after deep consideration do I come to an acceptable assessment that I myself can trust soundly.

But I do believe, that if you are honest with yourself, you will begin formulating new questions regarding your understanding of history, religion, and faith. The most valuable thing that you could do for yourself, is to begin searching for the answers to those questions, out of the box that you have been indoctrinated into.

And of Course! Pray with all your Heart to the God of Life and Wisdom to guide you upon your journey…

God Bless you!

Alexander Baghdanov