The Hidden Molitva “Prayer” Of Life

The study of language reveals many secrets lost within the expressions of humanity!

The very word used by Russians and Slavs alike that denotes the Act of Prayer is, “Molitva”; but little is understood as to the missing undercurrent to this terminology.

The term, “Mol’Itva”, is cognitive to a negative act, while engaged in speaking unto God.

The Term (Mol’) as in (Mol’ba) means to wail incessantly; to cry, to weep, to moan, to complain, lament, grieve, mourn, nag, whine, etc…

(Mol’nia) means thunder! Loud Tumultuous Noise…

Mol-Itva is a derogatory act, for a lost a hopeless soul, who is attempting to garner the attention of an unseen and unknown god.


Human philosophy plays a major role in how we perceive our relationship unto the invisible Lord of Hosts.

All to often, I hear many Christians explain how unworthy that we humans are of God’s Love or Care. We are all godless sinners who have absolutely no hope of salvation! Except for that precious “Blood of the Lamb”, which washes away our sins, we would remain defiled unto all eternity…


I would like to take a moment to explain a vision, which I encountered many years ago while I was still young:

It was during our normal church services; during the prayer ceremonies. We are all standing around our Church “Kroogh” Circle. I was standing in the position of “Church Prophet”; it is my responsibility to be attuned unto the hidden subtle spiritual realm of the angelic beings of God; to hear their words, and to observe their actions as they perform their unseen prophetic acts within the Church.

It is their responsibility to observe the hidden secrets of each individual soul within the congregation, to know their wants and needs, to hear their secret prayers, and to reveal those intricacies unto the prophetic workers within the church.

Today I see a vision!

I see two women standing upon their knees, next to the “Pristol” Altar Table, facing the Ministers.

Instead of the ministers standing at the very head; today I see Christ standing in this position, overseeing the church body.

The first woman, kneeling next to the table was very beautiful, she was a woman of dignity, and honor. She was dressed in the traditional attire of our Molokan race, with a beautiful white dress, covered in fine lace and hand-sewn beads. Upon her head was a white, lace-lined covering that covered her long blond braided hair. Her facial features were refined; she was cultured, well structured, and poised with elegance.

She reminded me of a Bride! And yet! I knew that she was married, into a loving relationship; she was well respected, and loved by her spouse.

The second woman was also very attractive, but she was dark haired, and dressed in a more common workingwoman’s attire, such as lady involved with housecleaning. A brightly colored floral head covering, very traditional in every sense, covered her hair, which was well brushed, but loose and flowing upon her shoulders.

The first woman was looking up at Christ as a woman who loved her husband, in this case Christ. She was softly glowing, with very gentle features and a smile upon her lips.

She spoke as a loving wife unto her beloved husband, speaking softly but surely; there were no fears or inhibition. She looked straight into his eyes, and just kept honoring him, telling him how much she loved him, how happy and pleased that he was hers; and thanking him for all that he had given her throughout her life and relationship with him…

The second woman had a completely different response!

She was looking up, but not into the eyes of the Lord. Her eyes were deep-set and haggard looking, as a person who had endured great difficulties in life.

She looked up! But her eyes seemed unseeing, as if she was staring off into space. Christ was only about an arms length from her body, but he seemed lost from her perception; she did not see him…

She was rocking back and forth, and with regular motion, was beating upon her chest with her right arm.

She was weeping, and sighing, as she was repeating her prayers over and over, begging for the Lord to see her plight, and render aid upon his mercy.

As I observed her, I came to the conclusion, that this woman was not married unto her Messiah, as was the first woman; she was simply the servant woman, who came to clean house…

At this precise moment, an angelic being appeared upon the, “Kroogh”, walking directly towards myself. As he came close, he reached for me, grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me.

He then asked Me, “Which of these two Women are the ‘Woman’ Clothed In The Sun”?

Of course the answer was obvious…


Each of these women were believers in the Living God and in the Christ Messiah! But their relationship unto them was quite opposite…

One was a Wife!


The other was a Servant!

Their approach unto the throne was quite different also, for each fit into the category of their stature.


This of course leads to the main gest of this article.

I recently watched a you-tube video, which revealed an antagonistic meeting with two groups of people in Russia.

The larger group was made up of Russian Orthodox Priests that had come to a village to perform their rituals.

They were carrying crosses, pennants, and all types of vessels in their hands: water pots, smoke pots, ashes, etc…

They were waving the smoke pots, sprinkling water upon everything; waving and kissing their crosses, repetitively making the cross signs upon their bodies, the priests were either praying out loud, our they were singing, and in some cases simply moaning and groaning.

A large crowd came out into the village street, many were genuflexing, bowing, crying, beating themselves on their chests, etc, and acting ecstatic if a few drops got sprinkled upon them.

Another group; very Slavic in their appearance, owing to the fact that they had beards and long hair in the traditional Ved-Rus Culture, and wearing the old Russian Shirt attire.

They were visibly irritated at the unannounced entrance of the priests into this village.

One of the priests broke free of the promenade, and gruffly walked up to the bystanders, accusing them of disrespect of the royal priesthood of the One True Holy Church of Russia.

He announced, “We are all servants and slaves of the Great God of Heaven and his Holy Son Jesus Christ”, “Why are you not crossing yourselves and asking forgiveness as all the other followers are”?

“Look upon these believers”! “Can you not see how much reverence they are showing unto the holy priests of God; and you are not even crossing yourselves, or bowing in respect”?

The elder stood his ground and replied, “We do not accept your Babylonian Religion, which you have copied from the Pagan Jews”! “In Fact! We are offended that you are walking uninvited upon our streets”!

Of course the priests responds, “We are the One and Only True Church of Jesus Christ, We do not accept the religion of Jews”! “Why do you accuse us of being Jews when you could see that we are clearly Orthodox Priests”?

The elder answers back, “There is no difference between Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Christians; it is one and the same religion”! “We are ‘Slavs’, and our Faith is thousands of years older than your imposter religion is”!

“We are the original Faith of the great land of Russia; we have always existed, and will forever be the One and True Faith of this people”!

“You admit that you are servants and slaves unto your god”. “But we are the Children and the Grandchildren of the Living God of Heaven and Earth”!

“We are called Slavs, because we praise the Living God of Life”! He has given us everything that anyone could ever need to live life healthy, wealthy, happy, joyous, and in peace! With his gifts! We have success and abundance in every aspect of living”!

“We never Ask God for anything, that would show lack of faith, and respect”!

We Praise, Honor, and Love our Heavenly Father, because we are the inheritance of his Family and Kingdom, on Earth and in Heaven”!

“You claim to be slaves”! “This is why you incessantly grovel, wail, and moan before your god”! He does not hear you, because all you ever do is beg”!


Of course this meeting was much longer, and the argument went much deeper! But I believe I made my point very clearly…

There are two obvious opposing approaches unto the unseen gods!

As we conduct our studies of both Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics, we learn that there are Secrets to the Universal Laws of God!

When we hold the Belief that We are Good, Holy, Pure, Wise, and Intelligent; that we are the Righteous, and the Natural Born Children of God, and are automatic Heirs of God Blessings, and all of the Good things that life has to offer, we need not grovel or moan and groan in misery, as lost souls who need to be saved from something.

On the other hand! In many religions such as Orthodox Jewry, Islam, Orthodox and Protestant Christianity, mankind is specifically taught that he is unworthy; a lost looser who needs somebody else to save him

Whether it is Jehovah, or Allah, or Jesus Christ; they are Gods separate from humanity, which of course means that we need priests, or ordained ministers to approach the gods on our behalf.

And then of course! We need to spill our guts before them with incessant moaning and groaning, self-pity and remorse; we have to habitually repent of our sins and our crimes so that by some miraculous intervention, one of the Gods would show mercy and forgive us.

Smoke from the censure, holy water from the pot, crosses waving, genuflexing, repetitive bowing, and praying, in order to garner the attention of the Gods.

The Gods need Blood! What blood-thirsty Gods they are…

Sheep, goats, cows, chickens, and doves, and of course humans as well. When this doesn’t work! There’s always the Blood of the Gods themselves, who sacrifice their own very lives so that mankind might have an avenue of salvation…

“Whatever that might mean anyways”


After careful analyses! I have come to the conclusion that the real purpose of all this religious rhetoric, habitual prayer, incessant wailing, constant degradation, self-humiliation, and fear of losing our salvation, was specifically designed by the Alien Gods themselves to keep mankind perpetually off balance, and from ever achieving true freedom and success.

In fact! According to the Laws of the Universe, the beliefs that we hold become our reality.

If we believe that God needed to suffer in order for man to attain salvation; then we automatically set into motion our own suffering! So that we could attain salvation…

If we perceive the fact that we are lost and unworthy of God’s Beautiful Gift of Grace! We will forever be lost and will never receive Grace!

Are we sinners who need to be constantly forgiven of our sins?

Then we will always remain sinners, and will never be forgiven of our sins…

Do we constantly pray for things like health and financial success, and peace, and freedom?

It is because we believe that these things are unattainable, and will always elude us because of our unbelief!

The True Secret to Successful Prayer is not “Molitva”!

The True Secret of Successful Prayer is “Praise”!

We are the “Slavs”! The Holy Children of the Living God…

It is not the child who is forever throwing a temper-tantrum, moaning, wailing, crying, complaining, and rolling about on the floor kicking everything in his path that finds favor with the parents.

It is the child with clear eyes, a beautiful smile, a warm and tender heart! One who honors and praises his parents that finds favor…

That Child that Blesses!

The Child that is Happy and Content!

The Child that Sings and Dances in The Spirit!

The One Who Gives! Instead of forever taking…

The ancient Ved-Rus Faith was contemporary to the Israelite Essene. They spent a lifetime, and millions of generations unlocking the secrets to the Kingdom of the Living God, and they learned the True Path unto this Element known as Salvation; it would be wise to drink from their well, and to study their heritage…